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General Standard Terms and Conditions 03.12.2008


Frau Ariane Schmitz
Dircksenstrasse 44
10178 Berlin
Telefon:+49-(0)30 - 893 13 95
Telefon:+49-(0)30 - 24 04 77 17 0
Telefax:+49-(0)30 - 24 04 77 17 9
eMail: anfrage@ferienwohnung-24-berlin.com

Steuernummer: 24/514/60568

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General Standard Terms and Conditions for the accomodations 1 - 99.
Here are the terms ansd conditions for all accomodations from 100 on >>>

  1. Animals

    Please let us know before booking if you're about to bring your pet.

  2. Rules of the house

    Please act according to the general habits and customs in tenement buildings. Disturbing noise has to be avoided, in the apartment and in the yard and the stairway as well. We have a non-smoking policy for all our apartments. If there´s a balcony you may use it for smoking instead. In case of disregard the host has the right to make the apartment no longer available for the guest without any payback of already paid amounts. Please close all windows and the balcony door when leaving. You also have to close the front door after 8 pm. Please turn off the light und turn down the central heating when leaving the apartment.

  3. Guest admittancy contract

    A guest admittancy contract is binding the moment the apartment is booked and the booking is confirmed. As soon as your booking via online booking form reaches us your booking is treated as binding. Our confirmation will be made by e-mail.

  4. Payment / deposit / outstanding payment

    As soon as the guest gets the booking confirmation he commits himself to pay a certain deposit he will be informed about on Ariane Schmitz´s bank account. This has to be done in two weeks time at the maximum. If the guest is not paying the deposit during the two weeks time, it will be treated as cancellation with all the rules applied to this. The full amount for the rental of the apartment plus additional expenses and deposits has to be paid by the guest on the day of his arrival in cash for all the persons und for the whole time of the rental. If there will be any other guests they have to be announced 24 hours in advance and their rental for the night must be paid as well.

  5. Cancellation is accepted in written form only.
    It is possible to cancel a booked accomodation. The cancellation must be in written form and sent by email. There´s always a fee for the handling of 30 €.

    A cancellation fee for the nights in which the accomodation cannot be rented is added as follows:

    • if cancelled up to 6 weeks before: 20% of the full amount of the agreed upon rent
      (20 € minimum plus handling fee)

    • if cancelled up to 14 days before: 50 % of the full amount the agreed upon rent
      (20 € minimum plus handling fee)

    • if cancelled later:100% of the agreed upon rent
      (20 € minimum plus handling fee)

    • in case of early departure there will be no payback and generally we also insist on the payment for the whole booked period for renting periods of more than 2 months.

    • Special case:
      Cancellations up to 48 hours after booking: 50 €.
      If there are also less than 48 hours between the day of the cancellation und the day of the arrival the fee will be 30 € plus the agreed upon rent for the first two days.

    • According to this rule above, all payments done by the guest will be paid back in this case.

    • If the guest is not paying his liabilities we have the right to charge a company with the collection of the bill. All costs coming from the handling of the collection of the bills have to be paid by the guest.


  6. Arrival and Departure

    Please let us know the approximate time of your arrival at last 24 hours in advance and the definite time of your arrival 30 to 15 minutes in advance. The keys will be delivered at your booked apartment, combined with a short introduction to the accomodation if you arrive till 10 pm. If you arrive later than 10 pm the keys will be delivered at another place or an extra fee of 20 € has to be paid. In this case the host will inform you how to go on. The apartment is at your disposal from the day of arrival 2 pm till the day of your departure 11 am.

  7. Cancellation by the host

    The host has the obligation to pay back the full amount of money already paid by the guest if he is not providing the accomodation and in case of written request by the guest the host has to pay these additional compensation:

    • if cancelled up to 2 months before: € 50,-

    • if cancelled up to 14 days before: € 10,- per booked night, maximum € 150,-

    • if cancelled later: € 10,-  per booked night, maximum € 200,-

      The guest renounces explicitly to any further claims from the contract.

  8. Liabilitiy

    While using the accomodation the guest is liable for any damages caused by him. The host is not responsible for any temporary failure of pieces of the equipment, public transport, elevator and so on. There will be no pay back in this case. This also applies for the Acts Of God.

    In case of loss of the apartment keys the guest has the liability to pay a fee of  150,- because the locking cylinder has to be exchanged and replaced completely.

    The host is allowed to make changes in the equipment of the accomodation. In the apartments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10 we offer a free High speed W-Lan Internetconnection. No liability is taken for failures from Telekom or Versatel.

    The host has the right to enter the apartment for example in case of necessary repairs.
    He cannot be held responsible for any loss of articles of value.
    The guest uses the the ways to the apartment, the apartment itself , the stairs, the elevator and the equipment at his own risk.

  9. Separability Clause

    In case that any of the above mentioned terms should show itself as ineffective, the terms and conditions in general are not affected by it. The partners will try to get to an agreement as close to the intended rules as possible.

  10. Place Of Jurisdiction

    The place of jurisdiction for all conflicts about the rental contract is the part of Berlin where the rented accomodation is located. Place of Jurisdicition is always one of the local courts of Ber

We wish you a nice stay.

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