Your accommodation in the capital Berlin! - Welcome

Your accommodation in the capital Berlin! - Welcome



1. Content of the online offer

The author does not give any guarantees for the actuality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided informations. Liability claims against the author in regard of damages of either material or imaginary nature which were caused by usage or non-usage of the provided information or which were caused upon the usage of incorrect or incomplete informations are explicitly excluded, as long as there is no proven evidency of intentional or careless causality on behalf of the author.
All offers remain subject to confirmation and are without obligation. The author explicitly holds the right to change or modify or erase the offer in parts or whole without any further or previous announcement, or to cancel the publication temporarily or definitively.

2. References and links

In case of direct or indirect references on third party’s webpages not in the realm of accountability of the author ("links"), a liability obligation would occur only if the author holds the knowledge of those contents as well as the technical possibility to suspend the usage in regard of unlawful content.
Hereby the author declares explicitly that – at the time of the linkage – there was no unlawful content discovered on those pages in question. The author has no influence on eventual and future design or content or the origin of the linked pages. That for the author distances himself explicitly from any content of any linked pages which were modified after the time of linkage. This holds true for all links and references internal to the author’s own world wide web offers as well as for uttered opinions in guestbooks, discussion forms and mailing lists provided by the author. All damages caused by the use of unlawful, incorrect or incomplete information of that kind are in the area of accountability of the original author and provider of those pages only and are not in the liability of the author of offers which merely have references or links to those pages in question.

3. Copyright and trademarks

It is the author’s aim to respect the copyrights of graphics, sound and video sequences and texts in all his publications, to use homemade graphics, sound and video sequences and texts or to use license free graphics, sound and video sequences and texts.
All named and eventually protected brandnames and trademarks internal to this world wide web offer are protected without restriction by valid copyrights and propertyrights of the respectable owner. There can be no conclusion that trademarks are not protected by third party’s copyrights if named here!
The copyright for objects published and produced by the author of these pages remains to his own right only. To copy, use or distribute such graphics, sound and video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is unlawful except where explicitly permitted.

4. Legal validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the world wide web offer which links to this page. If parts or singular expressions should not, not any more or not completely conform to valid legal positions the other parts of the document remain untouched in content and validity.

Your accommodation in the capital Berlin! - Welcome

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